Child Ambassador Area

Ambassador Area

Find out how you can become
an ambassador for us and
what it means you can do.

Become an Ambassador

So what is a Young Ambassador?

Are you 19 or under? Would you like to be part of a fun and exciting group of young people?
If so we would love you to join CAN (Child Ambassador Network).

Great things about being a CAN Member

Doing fun things and make new friends who care about the same things as you
Making a real and lasting change by influencing people who make decisions
Trying new things and learning new skills.

CAN Application Pack

What will you do?

Think of new ideas for our campaigns and activities
Meet other people like you and share your views and ideas
Talk to people about your views and ideas
Attend exciting charity events
Try lots of new things Raise awareness of disability
Meet and inspire our celebrity ambassadors


Meet Owen, one of the Caudwell Children Ambassadors

I am a Caudwell Children Ambassador because I love to help people and it makes me feel happy to be involved at Caudwell Children Events. I want be able to assist Caudwell Children by helping out at events and activities and also develop new features for the website. (video editing as well!) Being at Caudwell Children events makes me feel happy and helping people makes me even happier. Thank you for your time and I hope you will consider me for the position!