There are lots of ways you can raise money
for Caudwell Children and we are here to
help you every step of the way!

Here are ideas for just some of the ways you fundraise!

Think about what you like doing, your hobbies and interests and plan you’re fundraising around the things you like doing. Over these pages you will find ideas on how to raise money. Use one of these or think of your own. It is important that you keep yourself safe so please check out the Safe and Legal page.

Set yourself a target, do not feel daunted, break your target down into small chunks you will be surprised how quickly these amounts add up.

Remember every penny you raise goes directly to helping disabled children and young people.

Meet the (not so) scary monsters who can help you fundraise

With their help you can raise much needed funds to help change the lives of disabled children. The resourceful and imaginative (not so) Scary Monster bunch explain lots of different fundraising to you with lots of chuckles and adventures you would never dreamt possible. Remember you must have your parents’ or carers permission.

Meet the monsters!


Cadwell Children Monsters.

Monster Purple Day

Who wants to be a purple Monster? Ask your school, club or group of friends to become a purple monster for the day. Just dress in purple and pay £1 to raise money for Caudwell Children Download your free Monster Purple Day Poster.

Monster Purple Day


Be seen to be Green

Donating your old mobile phones, used printer cartridges or unwanted items is a simple and green way to help us By donating your unwanted things you can do amazing things. You could provide a tricycle, send a trained volunteer to support families in crisis or enable a child to access a fun learning activity.

A – Z of Fundraising Ideas

This guide is full of fantastic fundraising ideas. They are all easy to organise and will be lots of fun. Whatever you love to do from baking to cycling there is an activity for you. Good luck with your fundraising we know you’ll have fun doing them.

See some ideas!

Keeping it Safe

Keeping you safe is at the heart of all we do. If you are going to take part in fundraising there are things that you can do to keep yourself safe. Make sure you are accompanied by your parents or carers and don’t let anyone take your photograph without your parent’s permission. Only collect money from people you know and trust with your parents. If you are being sponsored make sure you don’t collect from strangers. If you are carrying money work with your parents to take extra care with your personal safety and make sure all funds are sent in as quickly as possible.

Keeping it Legal

If you are under 16 you cannot do collections or sell raffle tickets but there are lots of other things you can do. Our fantastic team can help you and your family or school with your fundraising.

Need More information or some Help?

Do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our fundraising team for any help or more information on any of the above. or call 0345 300 1348